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    The HOTELSTOCK Global Stock Control System is ideally suited to companies involved in Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) handling at all levels. Our solution for organisations involved in OS&E is very similar to our offering for those in FF&E. This solution works alongside FF&E and works with the new tender, procurement & costing module.

    A major advantage that can be gained by using the HOTELSTOCK total solution is that unlike in FF&E, these smaller, often larger quantity stock items listed are more likely to be used on a regular basis for many projects. The OS&E needs are answered by HOTELSTOCK with a few relatively minor "tweaks" to ensure that all procurement needs are answered.


    All items viewable sorted by:

    PO reference - Supplier quoted delivery date - Delivery status - Routing status (en route in warehouse, delivered etc.) - Project - Project area (floor, suite, room, etc.) Supply chain progress monitored online - Progress emails sent as information is received Stock item allocation at any time along the project lifecycle.

    Other key features of the HOTELSTOCK system are described in the FF&E Software details page. Please be aware this solution is produced to answer your specific needs, the information here is a guide to how it can be done. "Our Strength is adapting the solution to ensure that where possible it integrates with your existing systems".

    The above features are only a little of what HOTELSTOCK can handle and achieve. Our core advantage is that the HOTELSTOCK solution offers clear precise information that is available to all parties at all times, reducing the risk of delivery problems, lowering associated costs and improving the overall management of the project.